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Tamryn Lamb

Allan Gray

Is South Africa worth the risk?

From 1900 to 2018, the JSE was the best-performing stock market in the world. Fear, uncertainty and a difficult political history have always been with us and fortune seems to favour the brave.

Kevin Lings


Investing ahead of the herd

The most successful investors often make their move years before the herd. It’s not easy to do, but very rewarding if you get it right.

  1. Back the AI winners
    The herd is clambering to invest in artificial intelligence, but they are looking in the wrong places. Neil Robson shares his thinking on how early investors can find the big winners.
    Neil Robson

    Columbia Threadneedle

  2. Invest where others fear to tread
    Investing in African frontier markets is scary, but significant upside awaits those willing to invest before the herd wakes up to the rising continent.
    Nick Ndiritu

    Allan Gray

  3. Back to the future
    After decades of fossil-fuel driven growth, the energy sector is now enamoured with electric vehicles and renewables. Ashley Lynn examines the opportunities and reveals how you can invest in energy ahead of the curve.
    Ashley Lynn



Opportunity knocks

Portfolio managers share the investment ideas they think are worth getting excited about.

  1. Show me the value
    Value stocks are at historic lows compared to growth stocks. Nicholas Kirrage believes that this is not sustainable and looks at where the biggest gains will be made when things normalise.
  2. Should you bet the farm on this?
    At current levels, South African listed property is offering a terrific opportunity. But, this is what you need to know.
    Kundayi Munzara


  3. Party like it’s 2002
    Some exceptional South African companies have become cheap as declining profits and poor sentiment combine to provide what may be a buying opportunity similar to that offered in 2002.
    Duncan Artus

    Allan Gray

The truth behind the myths

Discover how to be a better investor by avoiding common mistakes and seeing through these myths.

Myth 1: Good investors avoid risk
With the market’s aversion to risk and fear of losses, you can prosper… if you learn to think differently.
Scott Nisbet

Baillie Gifford

Myth 2: Investing starts with forecasting
"There are two kinds of forecasters: those who don’t know, and those who don’t know they don’t know." – J K Galbraith. A fascinating insight into how wrong the market forecasters usually are and what investors should do about it.
Pieter Koekemoer


Myth 3: Passives make for better investments
Progress rarely comes as a result of being passive.
Johny Lambridis



Bull or bear?

Top stock picks backed up by a solid investment case presented by eight leading investment managers.

Duncan Artus

Allan Gray

Scott Nisbet

Baillie Gifford

Ashley Lynn


Neil Robson

Columbia Threadneedle

Pallavi Ambekar


Johny Lambridis


Evan Jankelowitz


Nicholas Kirrage


The biggest bluff

Investment lessons from a professional poker player.

Maria Konnikova

Psychologist, author, writer for The New Yorker and professional poker player