Allan Gray Investment Summit
Allan Gray Investment Summit
Sandton Convention Centre
Thursday 31 August 2017
31 August 2017
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Join our investment experts from around the world and discover how to grow and manage your wealth.
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With our local and international partners we bring you a former White House economic adviser and Harvard professor, an award winning financial journalist and some of the world's most reputable fund managers.
Meet the Experts
The unique advantage of equity investment
Investment in stocks and shares — equities — has a unique advantage over other asset classes which in my experience is rarely understood and almost never discussed. Equities can compound in value...
How to pick the right offshore investment?
When it comes to investing in shares, investors generally have three options. If you have the time and skill to do your own research, you can buy shares directly. The second option is to follow Warren Buffett’s advice and to select a passive investment, such as...
Is now the time to invest?
On 10 January 2008 Ben Bernanke said: “The Federal Reserve is currently not forecasting a recession.” The US was already in recession and went on to lose over 8 million jobs over the following two years...
Don’t let the rand dictate offshore investment decisions
In the past 18 months or so, we’ve seen a rush by many investors to take funds offshore, precipitated by the sharp depreciation of the rand following the “Nenegate” debacle in December 2015, and continuing...
Electric cars and oil prices. Should investors be concerned now?
What is more likely to see a long-term collapse in oil prices – the electric car or the humble combustion engine? If you were to judge solely by media coverage or perhaps even by gut instinct, you might well answer ‘the electric car’. But you would be wrong to do so...
Investment Summit to give an inside view from fund management houses
Allan Gray is bringing a group of international and local investment houses together to debate investment insights in a new one-day event, aimed at helping investors to protect and grow their wealth...
When to buy a company with a falling share price – and when not to
Market and share price movements are as integral a part of any investor’s life as breathing and, whether we like it or not, some of the time these movements will be downwards. When that happens...
What to consider before you invest internationally
International investment exposure is non-negotiable from a portfolio diversification point of view. However, according to...
Barclays Group Africa: Seizing The Opportunity
Participating in the Barclays PLC sale of more than one-third of South African-listed Barclays Group Africa (BGA) catapulted BGA into a top 10 share across most of Allan Gray’s client mandates overnight...
Investing in tough times
In times of stress, the human impulse is to take action. When the economy and investment returns start to sink, this instinct could drive investors to do something...
SA economy in the doldrums as the rest of the world picks up
"There is nothing certain but the uncertain." Over the past year there have been plenty of painful reminders that we have no control over what happens...
How to resist the lure of the herd
While humans take comfort in mimicking the behaviour of one another – we would rather be wrong in the company of many – when it comes to our finances, moving with the herd...
How to cope
with ongoing uncertainty
Over the past year there have been plenty of painful reminders that we have no control over what happens in the world. And there doesn't seem to be any clarity waiting in the wings. So does this...